Since 2008 Prodlekpol has been providing clinical trial supplies, labelling and distribution services.

We provide unique and often complex commercial and clinical packaging solutions to the pharmaceutical industry.

Prodlekpol provides a fully comprehensive services for clinical trials, including logistics, acquiring medicinal products and assuring associated manufacturing activities (label printing and labelling), consolidation of samples
for despatch with the documentation, distribution to centres conducting clinical trials, management of returns and disposal of returns.


Services that Prodlekpol offers for clinical trials:

Closeup of three brown medicine bottles filled with different pills and medications with their caps on over a white background with reflection. The glass bottles have blank labels. Horizontal format.

Designing and printing of labels

Labelling and packaging of investigational medicinal products

Certification and release

Storage of investigational medicinal products, also in cold-chain conditions

Purchase of comparators from any part of Europe

In order to provide comprehensive service to our clients, we cooperate in terms of obtaining reference drugs.

Transportation of investigational medicinal products in controlled conditions

Returns and Destruction

Providing comprehensive service for clinical trials Prodlekpol organizes returns and destruction of ITMs. We cooperate with qualified companies which are responsible for medical waste facility, and we can authenticate disposal process by certificate of incineration.